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3 KG Powder Pouch + Refillable Tin


3 KG Powder Pouch + Refillable Tin



Variant Size

If you are looking for a eco-friendly refill option try our large 8 KG and pail.

  • Removes residue that other detergents leave behind
  • Preserves elasticity so clothing keeps its fit and shape longer
  • Enzyme free - safe for silk, wool, cotton and other natural fabrics
  • 100% dissolvable that have 100% active ingredients

Ship your ForeverNew Pail back to us and we will refill it and include a $10 credit

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Love Your Clothes

Proudly made in Canada. Forever New®'s eco-friendly pure citric base laundry detergent is tough on stains but gentle on sensitive skin and clothes. It breaks down dirt instead of fibres and rinses so clean, the clothes you love last longer.

Formulated for everyday use, it is perfect for all your clothing & linens. Forever New’s Powder Laundry Detergent contains plant derived biodegradable ingredients and is formulated without zeolites, parabens, phthalates, and phosphates.

The soft scent leaves your clothes smelling Fresh, not Fragranced.

Smart Washing

A Little Goes a Long Way:

Formulated for both regular and HE washing machines.

3 KG is good for 120 washes. 1 load = ½ scoop (included in pouch).


Sodium Citrate (natural water softener), Tetra- sodium iminodisuccinate (water conditioner), Nonionic and Anionic surfactants (plant derived cleansers), Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), fragrance (blend of essential oils)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mrs Minton
Great starter kit!

I have used the Forever New powder for my dedicates and this set was perfect - I wish I had known about it earlier! The container is super cute!

FOREVER the best HE laundry detergent ever

We just recently moved to British Columbia from Ontario. Ever since we discovered FOREVER we have used nothing else. The detergent is mild but effective, smells pure and requires very little product to do the job. Our clothes over the past four or five years have never faded, been beautifully clean and smell fresh. We ordered it on line this time as being new to BC we haven't sourced out a local merchant yet who sells this product.

Thank you Forever group, we will be with you Forever.

Alison and Michael Scanlan
Kelowna, British Columbia

Rachel Cameron
Forever New Classic Powder

I have been using this for as long as I can remember. It has a wonderful subtle scent and is amazing with delicates. I use if for swimwear, gym wear, sweaters, blouses,.... you get the idea.

Forever New laundry cleanser

Excellent laundry powder. Purchased the largest size and have split into different packaging for ease of use. Dissolves quickly and completely, wonderful fragrance, excellent job on cleaning my bras especially. Highly recommend to my family and friend, gave my daughter a small container full I purchase a long time ago. A little bit does an excellent job. Ease to travel with too.. The large tin is ok to keep my laundry area neat and tidy, it did not hold the full bag though, I like putting the zip seal bag in to keep moisture out during storage. Combo purchase price = a good buy.


Amazing wash powder! Rinses clean and doesn't leave any residue on your lingerie. It definitely extends the life of your finer fabrics. The tin is sturdy and pretty, you could use it for other things, besides storing Forever New!