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Soft Mesh Wash Bag


Variant Size

  • Supports safe and thorough machine washing.
  • Durable, self-locking zipper won’t open during the wash cycle.
  • Unique mesh design for thorough cleaning without snags or pulls.
  • For use in the washing maching and dryer!

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    • Supports safe and thorough machine washing of lingerie, hosiery and other delicate garments.
    • Unique mesh design allows for maximum water flow and thorough cleaning without the worry of snags or pulls.
    • Durable, self-locking zipper won’t open during the wash cycle.
    • 30 cm x 45 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Barbara Sanipelli
saves your bras from damage in the washer

I have been using the bra bathers for years. They last really well, and save your bra from being twisted or caught on other items in the laundry. I fully recommend them.

Kim Stade
Great, but the wire in the top and bottom of these keeps coming out in short time

Like these Bra Bathers, as they do work great. However, the wire in the top and bottom of these bags keeps coming out, in short time, meaning that they constantly need to be replaced.

Zora Kulen
Gentle Mesh Wash Bag

Great bag, I use them all the time. Will now order a couple of extra large.

Very Good

I bought one in a store for a few dollars more. I wanted a few more for gifts. My son uses it to keep dirty clothes when travelling, and then he just puts this bag directly to the washing machine when he gets home. It saves time and you don't need to touch smelly and dirty for a couple of days clothes. Bags are less expensive on their website and were sent very quickly.

Sarah Sarah
Your bra's best friend!

I usually hand wash my finer lingerie because I'm afraid the wires will become warped. Now I can wash my bras, bikini tops and even my panties so my lingerie and swim wear doesn't become disfigured in the washer! Fantastic product!